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This plugin extend textpattern search to a images fileds


Search results are customizable with Textpattern’s forms using images’ tags
A simple tag, <txp:mck_image_search />. The tag shows search results.
The search works with the standard core ?q HTTP GET search. Core conditionals and forms can work too, including <txp:if_search />.


After installing & activating the plugin, you can now use <txp:mck_image_search /> to display images on your search results page. It works same as <txp:article /> would.

List of Tags and attributes

<txp:mck_image_search />

The <txp:mck_image_search is a single or container tag that return the results of search into the images table.


form: Default: search_image
grand_total: Omit setting result count. If the attribute is set to “0” (zero), search_result_count won’t be updated with the number of results. Default: 1
wraptag:HTML wraptag
break: HTML break
class: HTML class of wraptag


		<txp:image_info type="caption" wraptag="div" />


  • 1.0 First release

Thanks to

Jukka for his original plugin!


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